Author name: Syed M Kashif

Digital clock program in c++

Welcome back, readers! this post is going to be very special. We are going to discuss a c++ program to build a digital clock in c++. It will help us to practice conditional statements and loops which are essential concepts of c++ programming. Our digital clock program will get local time using time() function in “time_t” and “tm” type variables. …

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3×3 matrix multiplication in c++

Hello dear programmers! Do you think it’s hard to multiply matrices in c++? I don’t think so. In this post, I will explain 3×3 matrix multiplication in c++ in a very simple way. It will help you enhance your understanding of arrays and loops. These concepts seem too scary to most programming students but after understanding matrix multiplication, they will enjoy …

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BMI program in c++

Welcome dear readers! Are You conscious about your health and usually get worried when you feel obese? In this article, we will write a c++ BMI program that will tell you whether you are obese, underweight, or fit. It will help us to practice our variables and conditional statements understanding.  The program will ask the user to enter his weight and …

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